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Official Files
  Files released by Microsoft / Angel Studios Size
ZIP Midtown Madness 2 Demo

This demo features the Ford Mustang and Mini Cooper, San Francisco, Cruise, Blitz and Checkpoint modes, multiplayer (Blitz only) and Crash Course mode.
30.9 mb
ZIP Midtown Madness 2 Patch v1.01

This patch fixes incompatibilities with the Intel 810 family of graphics chips.
2.0 mb
ZIP Midtown Madness 2 Video

An in-game movie from Midtown Madness 2.
4.1 mb
ZIP Midtown Madness 2 XP Compatibility Patch

This patch fixes launching issues with Windows XP and graphics related with the Intel 810 and NVidia GeForce families of graphics chips.
2.0 mb
  Programs for Midtown Madness 2 Size
ZIP AR Installer

The program will allow vehicle modelers to create an install file that requires end-users to be forced to read the readme file. VB6.0 SP5 is required for end-user. Please visit the site for more information.
ZIP Carloader v2.2

This program keeps track of your installed cars and tracks for Midtown Madness 2.
167 kb
ZIP deAR 2

This little program can decompress the Midtown Madness 2 .ar files, it has a nice interface and is easy to use.
33 kb
ZIP Midtown Madness 2 Trainer

This file allows you to get unlimited time or no damage.
14 kb
ZIP PSDL Terrain Editor

With this tool you can edit maps and create your own! Please read the documentation first.
347 kb
ZIP San Francisco Map Editor

This program let's you edit San Francisco or add objects to San Francisco. Remember, this is a highly beta version.
430 kb
ZIP TEX to TGA Convert

This program converts .tex files to .tga files for easily changing vehicletextures.
34 kb
ZIP ZModeler

Zanoza Modeler is a 3D program that lets you easily create vehicles for Midtown Madness 2. Please read our FAQ before you start with this program.
  Expand your Madness-experience here Size
ZIP Armor Pack

This file gives you no damage for every default car.
6 kb
ZIP Banger Fix

This modification makes several objects in the game heavier like trees, traffic cars.
17 kb
ZIP Crazy Trailers v4.0

This files adds lots of new models including a gasstation to SF Cruise for both single and multiplayer games.
1.2 mb
ZIP Durability Fix

This modification reduces the player cars ability to take damage to approximately the same as in MM.
3 kb
ZIP Hud Mod

A modification of the default HUD for Midtown Madness 2. Changes include improved graphics, optimal shifting level indication and more.
51 kb
ZIP HUD Package

This package contains five HUD modifications made by three different authors. If you wish to spice up your game, then this is a nice start.
345 kb
ZIP Lost City Final

Lost City adds 23 new objects 5 new sky textures, a new asphalt texture, 2 blitz races, 2 circuit races, roof-wars platform, demolition derby area, and more!
4.49 mb
ZIP Megamod 2

Megamod 2 is a huge modification and adds 2600 objects to San Francisco and London.. It's a great mod and really recommended.
584 kb
ZIP Megamod 2 SE London

This is a special edition of Megamod 2 for London. It features lots of new objects along with a working plane. Multiplayer is supported.
3.0 mb
ZIP Megamod 2 SE San Francisco

This is a special edition of Megamod 2 for San Francisco. It features lots of new objects along with a working plane. Multiplayer is supported.
4.2 mb
ZIP Multiplayer Fix

This file adds parked cars and barges in Multiplayer. However this file contains many bugs, please read the readme file before installing.
886 kb
ZIP Professional Drag Racing Mod

This mod simulates a dragrace on the Golden Gate Bridge and works in multiplayer as well. The current version contains some glitches which are maybe solved in version 2.0. Please read the ReadMe.txt for more information on installing and using this mod.
2.0 mb
ZIP Traffic Pack

This pack contains 20 extracted AI vehicles from the game. All the vehicles are available with a dash, sounds and several colors.
485 kb
ZIP Tuned AI

This file makes the AI in-game more realistic.
9 kb
ZIP Ware Trailers

This file combines the Jump Trailers and the Werwelp City Mod and adds more things.
27 kb
ZIP Werwelp City Modification

This modification adds bridges and a whole lot more to San Francisco Cruise. If you want more fun, then be sure to download this fun mod. Put the roam.ar into your main directory and one in your /players/sf/ directory.
17 kb
  New tracks for Midtown Madness 2 Size
ZIP Abandoned City

This is a small map with roads and hills and a few houses.
391 kb
ZIP Abandoned City 2

Same map with more props and some houses.
392 kb
ZIP Abandoned City 3

Another version that features some roads with an almost 90 degree angle.
398 kb
ZIP Chapapote

Chapapote is a beta version of a track in progress by BoosterMM. Please read the readme for important installation instructions!
5.11 MB
ZIP Madness City 2

Madness City 2 is a completely new city using correct Midtown Madness 2 formats. It features tons of buildings and roads to explore. Please read the readme for more information.
17.5 mb
ZIP Madness City 3

A completely new city by Madness Sting featuring large outdoor areas, ramps and a lot more. Read the readme.txt before installation.
14.3 mb
ZIP PSDL Example Island

PDL Example Island is one of the first tracks with totally new PSDL information -- created with the PSDL Viewer. For more information read the Readme.
86 kb
  Files which couldn't be placed elsewhere Size
ZIP All Cars Savegame

This file unlocks every car and skin in Midtown Madness 2.
2 kb
ZIP Chatlog with Jay Panek & Gabriel Valencia

Read the conversations between Jay Panek and Gabriel Valencia with some fans.
18 kb
ZIP Chatlog with the MM2 gamedesigners

Read the conversations between the Midtown Madness 2 gamedesigners and Midtown Madness fans.
20 kb
ZIP Lock Disabler

This program disables that annoying YIKES-message you get when Midtown Madness 2 isn't closed down correct.
2.3 mb
ZIP Midtown Madness 2 Cosmic Theme

This MP3-song features captions from Midtown Madness 2 along with a nice beat.
3.1 mb
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