[ by Rippance | Monday, April 2nd ]
Who are you and how were you related to the development of Midtown Madness 2?
  I'm Jay Panek and I was the producer on Midtown Madness 2.
Does Angel Studios 'watch' the MM community? Do you visit sites/forums?
  Absolutely. Someone within the studio is always sending a mail to check out vehicles that fans are making.
Have you played with the first scratch-made cars for Midtown Madness 2 yet?
  I've seen the vehicles and read a lot of positive reviews. They look awesome.
Does Angel Studios approve ZModeler and the recently released Map Editor?
  Being able to get those vehicles in MM2 and edit the environments kicks ass. The quality of tools coming out of the community is totally impressive.
After the release of this home-made VCK called ZModeller, is Angel Studios going to release an official Vehicle Creation Kit for MM2?
  There is no plan to release a VCK. The user created tools from the Midtown community are incredible.
What do you think of all these conversions?
  The community support is great. I would never complain about people's enthusiasm for the game.
The map editor from Wolf is in a beta stage. But it proves it's able to modify and maybe build your own cities for MM2. Is Angel Studios going to support this program and maybe going to improve it?
  We have no connection with the tool, but I'm looking forward to playing with it. We didn't create a map editor because map creation isn't a trivial process. It's awesome that Wolf has the dedication to develop an editor.
Is Angel Studios going to release add-on vehicles or add-on cities for MM2 as you did with Midtown Madness Chicago Edition? Will they be downloadable from the Internet?
  There are no plans for add-ons. But knowing what the community is up to, there will be no shortage of vehicles and racing environments.
More patches coming up?
  No more patches.
If you have visited some fansites you have probably noticed that the Silver Eagle Firetruck, the Moonrover and the 1959 Caddie have been extracted from MM2. Why weren't player able to choose these vehicles by default? Was this done on purpose?
  The Caddy was in the game but due to licensing reasons was removed. For awhile, the Silver Eagle was there as a possible replacement for the American LaFrance. It was removed in the release version as well.
Everyone was waiting for the Replay mode, people who have extracted the Midtown 2 files have found Replay Textures. Why isn't it in the game?
  Time. We didn't have the time or resources to make the Replay functionality stable. It was a tough decision, but we had to let it go.
A lot of people were disappointed with MM2. Some people think this is due to the fast release. We're you on a lot of pressure to release it?
  With the success of Midtown 1, fans were clamoring for Midtown 2. We made a lot of enhancements in MM2 that we are pleased with. The vehicle physics allowed for greater control of the car and we were able to make more detailed cities.
Is there going to be a Midtown Madness 3? And what about console releases?
  That's not up to us.
I'd like to thank you for your time again.
  You're welcome. :)