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User-made Vehicles
Q: Where can I download new vehicles?
A: Right at our Vehicle Database.

Q: How do I install a downloaded vehicle?
A: - Download a vehicle by clicking on the link
- Use WinZIP to de-compress the file
- Extract the .ar file into your MM2 directory
- Default directory, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Midtown Madness 2
- Start Midtown Madness 2 and goto the Vehicle Selection screen
- Select your vehicle by left-clicking the up/down arrow next to the vehicle name
- Go Drive!

Q: How do I convert a vehicle to Midtown Madness 2?
A: You don't.

Q: How do I model new vehicles for Midtown Madness 2?
A: That's the spirit! You can use Zanoza ZModeler to create and export your vehicles for use in Midtown Madness 2. A tutorial on how to model your own vehicles is available as well at the Zanoza ZModeler Website, or try the one by Awesys.

Q: How do I get my car in-game?
A: There are some important steps you need to follow in order to get your vehicle working, you can find tutorials at our hosted site, Redline|Design.

Q: How do I tweak vehicles?
A: Once again, you don't.

If you're question isn't answered here, please visit our forums.
Game Questions
Q: How do I get on Alcatraz?
A: You can't get on Alcatraz with the default Midtown Madness 2 Vehicles.

Q: Why do AI Vehicle crash into the back of me?
A: We don't know, we didn't develop the game. Although it can help when you use your handbrake while waiting in front of a trafficlight.

Q: Why does the police always come after me when I drive at a legal speed?
A: Once again, we don't know. Maybe you made his donut dirty?

Q: How do I get on roofs?
A: There are plenty of places where you can get on a roof. Some of those are mentioned in our Stunts & Tricks section.

Q: Why are the gold appearances in London Cops&Robbers wrong? I can't get to them.
A: Guess what, we don't know.

If you're question isn't answered here, please visit our forums.
Technical Support
Q: My graphics are below average although I have an outstanding system.
A: Download the latest drivers for your graphics-card.

Q: Midtown Madness 2 keeps crashing, what do I need to do?
A: Download the official v1.01 patch right here.

Q: I am having other problems not mentioned above.
A: Please read the Midtown Madness 2 Readme that comes with the game, it's on your CD and in your main Midtown Madness 2 directory.

If you're question isn't answered here, please visit the Microsoft Techsupport.
Track Modelling
Q: Where can I download new tracks/cities?
A: Some modifications are available at our downloads area.

Q: How do I make my own tracks/cities?
A: Currently, it is not possible to make your own complete new cities. You can place objects on a blank map using the SF Map Editor. You can download template maps from the Creative City 2 Website. Tutorials are there available as well.

Q: How do I install downloaded tracks/cities?
A: Exactly the same way as you install vehicles.

If you're question isn't answered here, please visit our forums.
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